Avinash Kaushik – an amazing interview

I’m so glad of presenting to you this interview with Avinash Kaushik. If you are reading this blog is because you are, at least, interested in web analytics, and of couse you know him, but just as a formality here is Avinash’s BIO. Avinash is an Independent Consultant with a focus on speaking and consulting […]

How to define and optimize funnels

If you want to analyze any special process from your site with the funnel function here are some tips. The first thing you should consider is that your site is a system, taking into consideration the very basic concept (wikipedia: from Latin syst?ma, in turn from Greek ??????? syst?ma, is a set of entities, real […]

Recycling your mind for a better analysis

As much as we learn about our career and became better professionals as much things we do with no mental process involved. Once a journalist asked Pete Sampras what does he think about when playing tennis, and Sampras answered, I just react don’t thinking process involved. The same thing occurs to us, and even when […]