Blogger Fest in Buenos Aires

If you are a blogger or you are just starting with a new blog you cannot miss Blogger Fest next Tuesday (4th of December) in Ambient House, Guemes 3560, Buenos Aires – Argentina. It’s a great initiative from Sonico with collaboration of TercerClick and Mac Station. If you would like to go and have no […]

Welcome aboard!!!

I am very glad to announce that Justo Ibarra had joined us as a collaborator. Justo has a Bachelor in Sociology and a Masters Degree in advanced quantitative statistical techniques. In the labor field has a significant background in market research projects for companies like, General Mills, Mc Donald’s, Unilever, Pepsi, HP, Google, Microsoft, among […]

Relax – Microsoft Gatineau Demographic information is well protected

Finally Microsoft is officially providing information about how they track, process and manipulate Demographic data for the Microsoft Gatineau Demographics report (view white paper here). Thanks Ian for this information! The process is as follows: 1- Once a new user register to Windows Live or MSN a LiveID and an ANID (Anonymous ID)are generated simultaneously. […]