Happy new year!!!

This year was full of work, with this blog (and the one in spanish), with Intellignos and with Sonico which means that I had a great time, I can say that I have really enjoyed it. I hope 2008 bring me even more challenges. We have a brand new year, let’s live it, let’s rock!!! […]

Google Analytics with new improvements

Google has announced a new set of improvements, including New Graphing tools, GA.js and six new languages. New Graphing Tools: Now you are able to graph two metrics against each other and see how they correlate. This is a very useful feature since allows you to carry on a more advanced analysis that not only […]

The lack of precision in the Data Panels

In a preview post we was talking about the importance of a good information source. We also mentioned two information sources based on user panels, Alexa and Comscore.The main advantage is that comScore provide their Panel Users with software that measures lot of demographic information like gender, age, income, etc. With the above mention information […]