How to accelerate the flow of money in your company

The idea of Meta Analytics (Beyond Analytics) is showing a new way of understanding business, so we can measure them in a properly way facilitating a decision making process that brings companies closer to their business results. The current method to measure performance is through KPIs or Key performance indicators. KPIs were helping us measure […]

How converting you Startup into a Corporation and not die trying

In my previous post I wrote about organization structures. One interesting thing about them is that Startups want to become big corporations, but more than 90% of them fail. Big corporations want to have “Entrepreneurial structures” but they normally fails in its implementation. Let’s try to understand this confusing behaviour pattern. One of the organizations […]

The hidden part of the iceberg

Has well as you can’t manage what you don’t measure, you can’t measure what you don’t understand or don’t know. That’s why I was writing in the past posts about systems, then about organisational systems. During last years companies were trying, without really achieving any interesting result, to implement data driven cultures as a way […]

Composing parts (Variables) of a Company and their impact in business results

In my previous posts I was talking about theories of systems and the “Meta Theory” called General Theory of Systems as a way of simplifying and studying organisations. In this post we will organise the parts of the Organisation Systems in general categories that can be also taken as “Variables” for its future “Flow Analysis”. […]