The objetive and the real objetive

Since companies are systems, and systems are a set of objects interacting together with a common objetive, the most important thing to understand companies is that objetive. The objetive is everything to understand how a company works, because it defines the way all the “objects” in that organization interact in order to reach it. You […]

The US ICT Market optimistic about Analytics and BI investments

According to a report by Forrester Research the total Total U.S. ICT market in 2011 was $962B with the majority being generated from software sales ($208B) followed by Telecom Services ($199B) and IT Consulting and Systems Integration Services ($188B). The following graphic show the U.S. ICT market for 2011. Forrester forecast for analytics and BI are […]

Social Analytics the key responsable for making real time marketing come true

I was reading a very interesting research by eMarketer that begins this way ¨Marketers know the value of social data but interpretation remains a challenge¨ and I thought, are we still having the same problems than 10 years ago. I mean, we are not talking about Social Analytics, a pretty new work in ¨the block¨ […]