How to accelerate the flow of money in your company

The idea of Meta Analytics (Beyond Analytics) is showing a new way of understanding business, so we can measure them in a properly way facilitating a decision making process that brings companies closer to their business results. The current method to measure performance is through KPIs or Key performance indicators. KPIs were helping us measure […]

Happy new year!!!

This year was full of work, with this blog (and the one in spanish), with Intellignos and with Sonico which means that I had a great time, I can say that I have really enjoyed it. I hope 2008 bring me even more challenges. We have a brand new year, let’s live it, let’s rock!!! […]

My kingdom for a pageview

If there is something that revolutioned the internet it is SEM, mainly with google. This company understood that value of relevant content and give the chance to people who generate it to earn some money. The result is really good, they have a really simple service, that almost anyone with a minimum internet knowledge could […]

Back from Vacation

I’m sorry for not writing in a while but after a really busy year I went to the Argentinean Patagonia for relaxing so I was completely disconnected from Internet (Its hard but reachable). I back again with full charged batteries.

General Systems Theory Quote

“It appears that all units of reality are comprised of two basic elements in an asymmetrical binary relationship in dynamic interaction…” (p.38) “As noted above, one of the basic ideas that underlies my thinking, one of the images I have in mind when I contemplate the universe, is that it is constructed upon a simple […]