How to make a self explaining reports

The Digital Analytics Association defines Digital Analytics as the measurement, collection, analysis and reporting of internet data for purposes of understanding and optimising digital usage. It’s not a minor thing that analysis and reporting are separated. Analysis and reporting are two really different things. 1. Analysis: Is the process of breaking a complex topic or […]

Marketing is about people buying intention. Conjoint Analysis 101.

We’ve already talked that companies have one main objetive, earning money. If we add the variable ‘t’ we can split this main objetive in two, present and future earnings. The present earnings is the Company’s current economic result, while the future earnings are determined by the buying intention. On the other hand the above mentioned […]

Information Chaos? Analytics Governance is your only salvation

Most companies were founded in a time when there was a shortage of information. Getting the information was extremely expensive and not very useful since it normally came along late (normally just to justify a decision what was already made) . Today getting information is not expensive any more. Actually you have information everywhere and […]

HOWA Buenos Aires 2013!

Organised by Intellignos, December 10th at the headquarters of the Faculty of Economics of the University of Palermo, the seventh edition of HOWA Buenos Aires, the most important analytics event of the year. Register Here for free When? The 10th of December 2013 from 9am to 6pm. Where? Universidad de Palermo, Larrea 1079, Ciudad de Buenos Aires. Schedule […]

Google Analytics Summit 2013

As every year I’m here, in this case with Richard Dawson (Intellignos) and Diego Salama (Mercado Libre) at the Google Analytics Summit, in this case in it’s 2013 version. This post is in real time so you will see things in draft and not finished…don’t worry, will be done after the event is finished.   […]

If you wanted to know what they are thinking just go and ask them

Multivariate or A/B testing is very cool and useful. Today’s solutions are very flexible and allows you to test several pieces of marketing (ads, lading pages, etc) in real time without the need of being an expert. You have tools for any particular need, free solutions like Google Content Experiments; paid solutions for a low […]

Information integration where are you?

The following chart presented by eMarketer shows the answers made by  the Forrester Conference attendees. The question was “What is the best source for generating data on their customers”, the answers are not a surprise at all. They answer as each source provides enough information itself about their customers, but they don’t! Web analytics just […]

The US ICT Market optimistic about Analytics and BI investments

According to a report by Forrester Research the total Total U.S. ICT market in 2011 was $962B with the majority being generated from software sales ($208B) followed by Telecom Services ($199B) and IT Consulting and Systems Integration Services ($188B). The following graphic show the U.S. ICT market for 2011. Forrester forecast for analytics and BI are […]