Yesterday I found a very interesting post at The post called “Yahoo! Trumps Google enterprise Web Analytics” mentioned a report from the independent analyst CMS Watch which, in few words, says that Yahoo! Web Analytics fit best the Enterprise requirements than Google Analytics. You can download the report here.

The report confirms what everybody already know but in my opinion doesn’t mention something important that gives relevance to the analysis. Google Analytics and Yahoo! Web Analytics (former Indextools) came from different markets. Google Analytics until last year was focused on SMBs and end users while Yahoo! Web Analytics on the Corporative market. So, what we are experiencing right know in our industry is just the fight between the two main Free tools, where Google Analytics is going behind Yahoo! Web Analytics for the Corporative market, launching new features one after the other.

Remember this post? Well fortunately I was right and free tools are getting smarter while Paid Tools are having lot of trouble trying to convince their client why paying a mountains of money for something that other company is offering for free.

And the winner is…. everybody 

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