Tell me what’s your type of marketing and I’ll tell you who you are

Traditional MarketingDigital MarketingOnline MarketingDirect MarketingSocial Media Marketingand Email Marketing and some of the hundred types of Marketing we hear about.

Marketing stands for generating market or demand. So in my opinion there is just one strategy, I mean, that one. A company needs income and benefits to keep on track, if the companies do not generate income and benefits they, earlier or later, will be out of the market.

So, in my opinion, strategically talking, there is just ONE Marketing. The one responsible of bringing money to the company, besides the decision is going to online, digital, social, or whatever else marketing.

So, online marketing, digital marketing, social media marketing, email marketing, or any other are, as a matter of fact, operational marketing. Which means that the company will have a unique Company Objective, and a unique Marketing Objective that will be focused on help the company achieve its Company Objective.

Depending on the strategy the marketing department will decide going to one of the Operational Marketing channels.

So today we can talk about Facebookyoutube and twitter. But tomorrow can be any other thing else and the company would not change its strategy because of that.

Now, let’s come back to the measurement side. We have the exactly same problem. Each Type of Marketing has its own measurement platform way too isolated.

Wouldn’t be that because of how do they think their marketing? I guess the answer is yes. We are talking about integration for several years (like Integration, where are you?), even thought vendors efforts related to integration where pretty shy, you know why? Because companies are not demanding that a lot.

If you are a vendor you have a list of improvements and new features to develop and the priority is based, in part, on what clients demand the most. Demand and Supply.

So, if you think your company has several “marketing” areas and each one works in an isolated way, why would you need a unique platform that measure everything in an integrated way? Exactly, you would’t.

How many marketing departments does your company has? And how many measurement platforms? Does it make any sense?

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