Back from Google Analytics Summit 2011

It was a very intense week at the Computer History Museum. Jesse Nichols, the tireless Program Partner Manager for Google Analytics and Google Optimizar, did a great job with his team, arranging an event for more than 500 people from all over the world in in a very exquisite way.
I’m not sure what it is and what it is not under NDA so I wont go in depth about new launches and developments. The most important things I wanted to mention are:

1. The first day was basically an overall presentation about the platform improvements. All of them where Woowww… not all of them really useful, but the ones that does are awesome…at least are the ones I was expecting for such a long time.

2. The second day, Thursday, we went in depth about the Partner program and Technical aspects of the current and future launches. I had the honor of being part of the Panel with Justin Cutroni (Cardinal Path), Timo Aden (Trakken) and Russel Sutton (ConversionWorks), moderated by the awesome Sophie Chesters (Google).

At the end of the event it was a Web Analytics Thursday with a Rock Band, networking, drinks and food…anything else? Oh, yes…amazing people from all over the world willing to talk about their experiences without constraints. See you there next year mates!!!

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