Today Google has announced a bunch of new an very interesting features under the “Powerful, Flexible and Intelligent” motto . Take a look at it I’ll be brief:

1- Up to 20 goals:

2- Setup goals by time spent or Pageviews/visit.

3- Mobile site tracking: Now you can track your mobile website with Google Analytics whether your users have javascript or not. If you are an Iphone or Android apps developer now you can track your apps performance with Google Analytics.

4- Advanced table filters

5- Unique Visitors: Now, you can use the Unique Visitors metric from any of the Google Analytics dimensions (real quantity of cookies from the selected period).

6- Custom Variables: This feature adds the flexibility of analysis that most of advanced customers require.

7- Share your segments and custom reports.

8- Analytics Intelligence: Intelligent Alert Engine.

For more information visit the Google Analytics official blog

9- Custom Alerts.

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