The hard task of understanding text messages

Since most of cell phones have no QWERTY keyboard people should create an easier way to write their messages, so today you should program your head with this new codes if you want to understand what your colleague, client, supplier, or friend are telling you.

Because sometimes the obvious it is not so, here is a useful list of some those codes:

A3 – Anytime, anyplace, anywhere
AAMOF – As a matter of fact
AFAIK – As far as I know
AFK – Away from keyboard
ASAP – As soon as possible
B4 – Before
B4N – Bye for now
B/C – Because
BB – BlackBerry
BBL – Be back later
BRB – Be right back
BOL – Best of luck
BRT – Be right there
BTW – By the way
CU – See you
EO&E – Errors, omissions and exemptions
EOD – End of day
FWIW – For what it’s worth
FYEO – For your eyes only
GTG – Gotta go
G2G – Good to go
GJ – Good job
HH – Handheld
IANAL – I am not a lawyer
IDK – I don’t know
IIRC – If I recall correctly
IMHM – I’m home
IML8 – I’m late
IMO – In my opinion
IMHO – In my humble opinion
IMNSHO – In my not so humble opinion
JAM – Just a minute
JK – Just kidding
LOL – Laugh out loud
LTNS– Long time no see
L8R– Later
NE – Any
NE1 – Anyone
NO1 – No one
NP – No problem
NRN – Not right now
PLS – Please
PPL – People
R – Are
RAP – Requires approval
ROFL – rolling on the floor laughing
RU – Are you
STH – Something
TMB – Text me back
TTFN – Tata for now
TTYL – Talk to you later
TY – Thank you
TNX – Thanks
U – You
UR – You are, Your
W – With
WAN2 – Want to?
WO – Without
WTG – Way to go
WRT – With respect to
XLNT – Excellent
YT – You there?
YW – You’re welcome

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  1. THANKS, I’ve been trying to figure out a text message and thanks to you list I was able to finally get it.

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