Brett Crosby announces new Google Analytics features

Brett Crosby, from Google Analytics, has announced today at eMetrics Summit in Washington, D.C. that the following Google Analytics features are close to be launched:

1- Event Tracking (beta test): By implementing a tracking module called ga.js (instead of urchin.js) you will be able to track how people use and interacts with Ajax, Flash and multimedia on your site without artificially increasing your pageview metrics.

Google Analytics

2- Google Analytics Site Search: Just enable “Site Search” at any of your profiles and you will be able to find out what is people searching in your site and where those searches are driving people.

You will be able to access to this feature in the content section of your Google Analytics reporting interface and supplies information about the keywords and search refinement keywords people use, the pages from which people begin and end their searches and how search on your site affects site usage, conversion rates, and e-commerce activity.

3- Outbound link tracking feature (Limited beta test): This is a very usefull feature that provides you information about the links visitors clicked on your site that direct them to another site.

On the other hand Google is launching the Google Limited Beta of Urchin Tracker. This analytics tool has an interface similar to the previews Google Analytics version and you can run it on your own server. More information click here.

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