Successful Online Business – Third and Fourth Part

Brainstorming process (identify tactics): Once you understand what’s your “weakest link”, you should launch a brainstorming session (or several) in order to find the project or projects (tactic) that will best help you fix your “weakest link”. If you have a lack of information about your client behavior and attitudes then a great idea is creating a social network where they could relate each other and as a result you will get a bunch of information that will help you understand what are they doing and why.

4- Project design (tactics): Now you have the idea (The difference between idea and project is that IDEA is the “what to do” and the project is the “what to do, how, when, etc”), so you need to design your project starting by defining your project scope as much detailed as possible, otherwise you will face lot of problems in the future. I recommend 70% planning 30% execution, and if you think I’m exaggerating just remember how much time have you spent in last projects just fixing problems because of a weak planning. Remember that a “millimeter of deviation in the basement of a building could make your building falls down when finishing the construction”. “If you are failing to plan is because you are planning to fail”.

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